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Bake at 350 – Royal Icing

Bridget at Bake at 350 shares her recipe for royal icing. This is her second (pushlished) version of the icing as she is always trying to perfect it. The angel she is, Bridget not only includes the recipe, step-by-step instructions (including pictures) but also a frequently asked questions section.

Sometimes, though, I had problems with my icing. Some days it looked dull; sometimes the piping cracked; sometimes the flood icing was filled with little holes.

So, I’ve done some reading and some experimenting and I’ve made some changes. Who knows…maybe in 6 months, I’ll be doing a post called “Royal Icing 103” (or 301, or whatever), but here’s what is working for me these days. (Read more)

Do you have a favorite icing recipe you would like to share?