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Wedding Cupcakes – Purple Wedding Cupcakes

Purple Wedding Cupcakes

Sorry for a lack of post yesterday, it is amazing how the day can get away from you.

Today we are looking at some pretty purple wedding cupcakes from Wedding Cupcakes. As much as the cupcakes themselves are pretty, they way these are being presented is what really makes them great. I love the different shades of purple on the edges of the tiers, the purple flowers on the top and how the flowers on the cupcakes are almost all aligned. It just all works together so well.

Purple and lavender seem to be a growing trend in weddings, and this gorgeous purple wedding cupcake tower is an excellent example of how to bring your wedding colors to life in your wedding cupcake display.

What do you think? Do you like this look or would you do something different?


Wedding Cupcakes – Presents Cupcakes and Candy Buffets

Candy and Cupcake Buffet

Your big day is nearing and you need to decide, cupcakes or a candy buffet? Well that is a silly question isn’t it, the obvious answer is both! Wedding Cupcakes shows us two beautifully done candy buffets with cupcakes and includes their tips on how to do it right:

Wedding dessert buffets are becoming a popular way to offer wedding guests something sweet to take home. Check out these photos for some great ideas on how to arrange your own wedding cupcake dessert and candy buffet. Some of our favorite cupcake buffet ideas are (Read more)

Wedding Cupcakes – Damask and Pink Cupcakes

And we are back with a lovely black and white damask cupcake tower with pink accents. This beautiful and elegant cake was featured at Wedding Cupcakes. It shows how you can keep your wedding cupcakes simple (just a simple vanilla frosting) but make them look royal with the right stand.

If you are a do-it-youselfer a stand like this would be quite easy to make in the months leading up to the wedding. Once the stand itself is built it can be painted or covered in fabric to match whatever theme you desire.