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The Creative Cake Academy – Shares Their Amazing Skills

These designs feature embossing, stencilling and hand painting.

I recently stumbled upon The Creative Cake Academy, a Cupcake decorating school located at the Farncombe Estate, north west of London (England) just outside of Broadway. The lessons are all taught by expert Anne Myles:

The Creative Cake Academy offers a very modern day approach to Cake

Decoration and design, bustling with new ideas, all of which are firmly rooted in the trends of today… Our Cupcake workshops cover many themes including Creative Cupcakes, designed to be an overview of a ‘Dressed up Cupcake’ and leads onto other courses to include Vintage, Wedding designs, and a special range for Christmas.

You can take a look at their cupcakes on their Flickr account, found here. I have to say, if I ever find myself in their neck of the woods I definitely want to take a lesson.