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Local Table Talk – Lavender Blueberry Jam

Well happy Monday everyone!

I hope all of our readers out there enjoyed their weekend. Here in Hamilton I got to enjoy the Locke St Festival and the Jame St Supercrawl. And we are going to begin the week by looking at a local blog Local Table Talk. They are kind enough to share lesson 101 on canning:

Before your jam making session you also have to pick up some jars. For beginners Laena advises using the jars with the two part lids because it is obvious when they have sealed. You can reuse the bands or rim part of these lids, but not the rubber part because that is the part that seals during the canning process. Make sure that you are buying jars that are for canning (it should say on the box) not just any jars. Click here for the step by step instructions

This jam looks amazing and I cannot wait to give it a try. The blueberry lavender jam looks delicious but raspberry is my favorite. What is your favorite kind of jam?


Bakingdom – Helps with Hulling Strawberries

At Gramma Dot’s we use the freshest possible ingredients available which means that this time of the year is uber busy stocking up and prepping food for the coming year. Usually in the beginning of June I start to let my thumb nail grow a little long. I know, sounds weird but it’s the best way I’ve found to hull strawberries without losing the entire cap of the berry. Waste not want not and all that you know. Then I found this neat method to hull a strawberry from Bakingdom! Not only to you get rid of the leafy top but also that tough tip that doesn’t mash well. This strawberry season when it was time to whip up our yearly batch of fresh homemade strawberry jam I didn’t end up with a strange pink thumb like I have since I was a little girl helping mom make enough jam to last 3 kids an entire school year of Peanut Butter & Jam sandwiches. Thankfully we don’t need to make that many jars yet but we are now all set with jam for our PB & J Cupcakes! Read about it here.

Vanilla Garlic – His Favorite Cherry-Rhubarb Jam

Garrett McCord of Vanilla Garlic shares the recipe to his “personal religion” Cherry-Rhubarb Jam:

Even more so, the kitchen defines what faith is. In the kitchen there is only so much you can control. At times, you simply have to have faith that your oven won’t run too hot or that the fruit you picked up won’t be too bitter. Jam requires skill, yes, but it requires faith and knowledge of your ingredients. Coax your jam all you want, but any seasoned jammer will tell you the same thing: the fruit will do as it sees fit. You simply have to accept the outcome and make the best of it…Jam teaches you a lot of these lessons that we learn hovering above a pot with a wooden spoon in hand. And, so, I think God, in a way, is in the food we cook. (Read more…)

Personally it is raspberry jam all the way, but what is your favorite jam? Do you make it yourself, receive it from someone that does, or buy it from the store?