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Delicious Days – Rice Pudding Popsicle with Raspberries

They are by far the most substantial frozen treat on a stick I ever had, the rice grains add a wonderful chewy aspect to these popsicles and the addition of fruit makes this dessert completely versatile. I adapted the recipe to my own liking and used up some raspberries waiting patiently in our fridge – the combination of raspberries and coconut milk had proven to be a winner before. (Read more…)

Bakingdom – Lots of Summer Sweets!

Andrea, from Bakingdom, shares some great recipes for some summer treats! Such as double chocolate frozen fudge pops, blueberry cheesecake ice cream, burned peach ice cream, pineapple coconut ice cream and, the one I am really excited to try, cinnamon roll milkshakes (pictured to the right).

Are there any cool treats you are looking forward to trying this summer?