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Beaux Mondes – Papa Leo’s Review

We have mentioned before that we are located in Hamilton, Ontario, but specifically we are on “the mountain”. Our family is not only born and raised here on the mountain, but this is also where we work and play, our heart is up here on the mountain. And even that can be more specific, our heart lies with Concession St. Concession St is where we hope to open a store front one day, and (at one time or another) almost every single person in our family has worked in a business on Concession St. So awhile back when a new restaurant opened up on Concession we knew we had to try it.

Papa Leo’s is located on Concession St by the hospital, it is a very cute breakfast bistro that uses local ingredients to make some of the most unique meals I have ever had the pleasure of tasting. Recently Beaux Mondes reviewed Papa Leo’s and it turns out they love it as much as we do!

Following the first visit Adam and I made to the restaurant, it quickly became one of our favourite breakfast spots in the city. Owner Leo’s reason for choosing the spot was simple, it’s in the neighbourhood he calls home. (Read more)

They tried the french toast (cinnamon and nutmeg battered french loaf garnished with honey yogurt and fresh fruit), my personal favorite is the breakfast sandwich (two fried eggs, choice of bacon, back bacon or sweet chorizo sausage with lettuce, tomato, and cheddar cheese. Served with fresh cut pan fried potatoes) but my husband always gets the Heuvos Rancheros (fresh corn flour tortilla, refried beans, and two sunny side eggs, topped with chorizo, avocado, fresh mango salsa and cilantro). However, Leo often does a “today only” creation, something new and special, I would ALWAYS recommend getting whatever it is, I do and it has never failed to blow my tastebuds.


Amateur Gourmet – Cafe du Monde (New Orleans)

Ahhhhh… Cafe Du Monde, rich dark creamy cafe au lait with enough punch to have the spoon hop outta your cup and kick it up. Years ago I decided that New Orleans was a must for me. There is truthfully no place in North America that can really compare. The food, the people, the history, the food, the mystery, the lore, the architecture, the music and in case I didn’t mention the food is sinful! Unfortunately, when I was a teen I made a promise to my Mom that I wouldn’t go to Mardi Gras but after Katrina leveled the city I knew I needed to help anyway I could. Beyond helping out charities I figured just going to visit and spending all my money there for a few weeks would be beneficial to both the local economy as well as meeting a life long dream of going to the big easy. I kept my promise to Mom about Mardi Gras but  I did not say anything about going during Halloween.

So, in 2007 my sister and I made our first pilgrimage to New Orleans. We ending up going every fall for 3 years in a row. We’ve dined at some of the hoitiest-toitiest restaurants as well as some of the most under-rated ones. Through it all though Cafe du Monde is a must as often as possible every trip, especially after a night of drinking bottles of Pirate Alley’s Toxic Baby Shots until they kicked us out and we wobbled down the alley, through Jackson Square and into the cafe’s outdoor patio. The chicory coffee never stops flowing and the air is always a little hazy, but not from the heat and humidity, from powdered sugar. They really only serve a handful of items: Coffee, Cafe au Lait, Iced Coffee, chocolate milk and Beignets with mountains of powdered sugar heaped on top. This was one of the first places to open again in the Quarter after the flood waters receded. Inspiration for our Cafe du Monde Cupcake, rich and strong Chicory Coffee Cupcake with vanilla butter cream all topped off with a mini Beignet dusted with powdered sugar was born out of our many a trips to New Orleans and this special place.

So here is a review from Amateur Gourmet, for those of you who have been to Cafe du Monde let us know if you agree/disagree with their review.