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Food Photography Workshop

Our little site doesn’t have a wide reach, but if someone from the Philippines happens to be reading, please take special note!

Mark Floro (well-sought after food photographer) and Dessert Comes First are holding a food photography workshop in Taguig City on September 10, 2011. If it wasn’t for the fact that it on the other side of the world (we are located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada) I would be there in a heart beat. Not only does the workshop provide a great opportunity to fine tune your photography skills Mark Floro is also going to assist by critiquing some of your existing food photos to help you learn, and you get a catered lunch by Chef Ed Quimson!

Photography is something we are always working on here. Gramma Dot’s is a family business, and we have some great bakers and chefs in this family, but no professional photographers. Thankfully we do have the internet (what did people do back in the day?). We have a good camera (nothing of a professional level but definitely better than a point-and-shoot) and thanks to an online tutorial, we have a homemade photography tent. Let me tell you, the photography tents make a world of difference! During our next cupcake shoot I will be sure to take pictures to show you the comparison. But take my word for it, if you are taking pictures of small items, make/buy a photography tent/box.

Let us know about some of your experiences with food photography and any tips you may have!