Cupcake Recipe Tips – Baking With Children

Hope everyone got a chance to take a look at the beautiful purple wedding cupcakes yesterday. Today we are taking a look at tips for baking with children from Cupcake Recipe Tips:

Baking gives kids an opportunity to learn important skills. In measuring they learn fractions, while cutting helps them with division. The oven buzzer can teach units of time. Mistakes made in measurements or a skipped step leading to disappointment can prove to be useful in teaching the virtues of patience and precision. Read the full article here…

I think almost everyone of us has happy childhood memories of baking with a family member. For me it would be baking Christmas cookies with my mother, Italian treats with my Grandmother or icing treats with my step-mother. I was blessed, surrounded my strong women that loved to bake. Of course Dee and Meghan share a similar experience, as that is what helped inspire them to bake and start Gramma Dot’s.

So please, share with us your favorite/strongest childhood baking memory. We’d love to hear all about it.

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