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All Recipes – Chocolate Liqueur Souffles

Hello again ladies and gentlemen, I am sorry about the late post today. To make it up to you I would like to share this recipe for a chocolate liqueur souffle by the tattooed chef:

I won a gold medal with this recipe at the Armed Forces Culinary Olympics in March of 2007. Serve the souffles with fresh raspberry sauce, if desired.

They take about an hour to make but they taste AMAZING! (Read more)

Cupcake Project – Chocolate Hummus

I’m always looking for new and unique icing’s to use with a line of Gluten and Vegan Cupcakes that I’d love to include in our dream shop. I’ve toyed with tofu mostly but when I saw this recipie at the Cupcake Project I’m pretty sure my tastebuds retreated and threatened to go on strike. Under normal circumstances I’m not a hummus advocate. I like chick-peas, whole chick-peas but for some reason when they get mashed up something is lost in translation. There is only 2 kinds of hummus I like: a presidents Choice version with a healthy kick of curry in it, and one made by Summer Fresh Moroccan Hummus. I don’t think I’m going to try this but someone else out there might be more daring than I.

Chocolate Hummas

Chocolate hummus is so decadent – like a rich chocolate mousse – that unless you tell your tasters it’s hummus, they’ll never know.  Case in point: While I slathered chocolate hummus all over pita (probably too much of it because it’s “healthy”), I also used it to frost chocolate cupcakes.  Friends and family unknowingly tasted the chocolate hummus frosted cupcakes (they were only told that it was a chocolate cupcake), and not a single soul gave me a sidelong “what are you feeding me” glance.  I asked for feedback and I got comments like, “What do you want me to tell you?  It’s just a really good chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting.”  Without knowing it, they gave me the exact feedback that I wanted to hear. (Read more…)