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Pink Cake Box – Rose Wedding Cupcake Cake Tower

Pink Cake Box – Amazing Peony Cupcakes & Upcoming Contest

Take a look at these peony cupcakes at Pink Cake Box, aren’t they gorgeous? What do you think should they be a contender in our most beautiful cupcake contest?

Pink Cake Box Peony Cupcakes

What is that you say? Contest? Why yes, you heard me right, we are having a contest! We are asking you dear readers to help us find a picture of the most beautiful cupcake. Submit links in the comment section or send us an email. Just be sure to include the source of the cupcake (we want to give everyone credit for their hard work). At the end of September we will open up voting for the top submissions. So come on cupcake fans, lets see what we can find 🙂

Pink Cake Box – Amazing Wedding Cupcake Tower

Take a look at this amazing wedding cupcake tower done by Pink Cake Box. I absolutely love the colours, and cannot help but note this would have gone perfectly with a friends wedding a couple of years ago.

While it is not the ‘cupcake’ portion, I especially love the topper. The colour, the details and the white sugar roses. Read more about the cupcake tower here.