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Pink Cake Box – Rose Wedding Cupcake Cake Tower

Cupcakes Plain and Fancy – Cupcake Stands

We work hard to master/invent the perfect recipes, then practice to get the look and icing just right, but we often forget about the cupcake presentation. Here is a great post from Cupcakes Plain and Fancy about cupcake stands. They have something for everyone:

Individual Cupcake Stands

Cardboard cupcake stands or cupcake trees are fairly plain unless some thought goes into making them pretty. The good news is you can very easily dress up a plain-jane stand with a few simple items. The other thing is these stands come in round or square tier shapes. Compared to other options, these stands are fairly inexpensive. It’s amazing how something so basic can turn out to be so fancy. Take a look at the ideas here to find your inspiration!

My favorites are the individual cupcake stands, of course the option that is likely to be the most work 🙂
What about you? What is your favorite way for cupcakes to be displayed?