Local Table Talk – Lavender Blueberry Jam

Well happy Monday everyone!

I hope all of our readers out there enjoyed their weekend. Here in Hamilton I got to enjoy the Locke St Festival and the Jame St Supercrawl. And we are going to begin the week by looking at a local blog Local Table Talk. They are kind enough to share lesson 101 on canning:

Before your jam making session you also have to pick up some jars. For beginners Laena advises using the jars with the two part lids because it is obvious when they have sealed. You can reuse the bands or rim part of these lids, but not the rubber part because that is the part that seals during the canning process. Make sure that you are buying jars that are for canning (it should say on the box) not just any jars. Click here for the step by step instructions

This jam looks amazing and I cannot wait to give it a try. The blueberry lavender jam looks delicious but raspberry is my favorite. What is your favorite kind of jam?


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