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Love to Know: Weddings – Picking Cupcakes

Love to Know: Weddings to the rescue! This article provides some great advice to anyone brides or grooms out there considering having cupcakes on their big day.

When you’re just not into the idea of having a grandiose three-tier cake that could potentially cost thousands of dollars at your wedding, turn your thoughts to cupcakes instead. They’re a fun, practical, and affordable alternative, and they taste just as good but are much less fussy since you don’t need to pay anyone to plate and cut them. Best of all is that wedding cupcakes are just as creative as any large cake can be, and they lend themselves perfectly well to a myriad of excellent design and display ideas.

Love to Know: Weddings gives some great points to mull over to help you find the right design and display for your big day! (Read more)