Bakingdom – Hogwarts Vertical Layer Cake

Harry Potter has come to a close and with it the end of a dynasty. I’ve never read the books but I’ve seen all the movies. It’s been a tradition of ours. This final installment was no different. Now that I have seen the movies it’s time to bust out the books and read for about 2 weeks straight. I’m not sure how to fit it all in but I’ll figure it out. When I found this and several other tributes to Harry Potter I was interested and thought I’d share them around. Hope you enjoy!

(T)oday’s treat, is dedicated to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I wanted to make Hogwarts a cake, but one that suited everything we’ve learned about the school. I made a delicious spice cake with cream cheese frosting (recipes below), keeping the outside rustic and homespun, just like I think they would serve it at Hogwarts. I covered the whole cake in a thick, fluffy, creamy buttercream and left it au natural, rather than smoothing everything down. Next, I created a banner with the first lines of the Hogwarts school anthem to drape across the top of the cake, as well as each of the four house banners. I love the way the cake looks, and I can easily picture it sitting amongst the amazing desserts and puddings in the Great Hall. But nothing at Hogwarts is what it seems, and this cake is no different. (Read more)


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  1. I bet it tastes as good as the school! lol.. figuratively speaking.

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