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All Things Cupcake – Megamind Mural

Cupcake Mural

Talk about skills and especially patience, take a look at this cupcake mural of Megamind created for Denver’s Rock N Roll Marathon:

Now this mural isn’t your ordinary 50 – 100 cupcake picture, no, it required a WHOPPING 1000 cupcakes to create, had to be done on an angle and constructed through the night outside in the cold!  It is certainly a test of endurance.

I couldn’t imagine trying to put together something like this, especially using 1000 cupcakes. The planning, I understand you could simply use graph paper or a heavily pixelated image, but it would still stress me out. (Read more)


All Recipes – Chocolate Liqueur Souffles

Hello again ladies and gentlemen, I am sorry about the late post today. To make it up to you I would like to share this recipe for a chocolate liqueur souffle by the tattooed chef:

I won a gold medal with this recipe at the Armed Forces Culinary Olympics in March of 2007. Serve the souffles with fresh raspberry sauce, if desired.

They take about an hour to make but they taste AMAZING! (Read more)

Cupcakes Plain and Fancy – Do-It-Yourself Wedding Cupcakes

Simple Rose Cupcakes

This week we have Cupcakes Plan and Fancy walking us through making your own wedding cupcakes. They show us two different designs, white hearts and simple roses (shown to the right).

some of the most dramatic displays have cupcakes on very large platforms several levels high. Others impress us with just the sheer number! Either way, it seems that cupcakes for weddings aren’t a passing fad and have established themselves well beyond the trendy alternative (Read more).

While doing another order this week Dottie Dee and I were talking about wedding cupcakes. We both agreed that mini-cupcakes are our favorite, that way you can have 2 (or even 3) different flavors that everyone can have a taste of.

What do you think? Do you like cupcakes or do you like the traditional wedding cake? And if you did cupcakes which flavors would you choose?

Pink Cake Box – Amazing Peony Cupcakes & Upcoming Contest

Take a look at these peony cupcakes at Pink Cake Box, aren’t they gorgeous? What do you think should they be a contender in our most beautiful cupcake contest?

Pink Cake Box Peony Cupcakes

What is that you say? Contest? Why yes, you heard me right, we are having a contest! We are asking you dear readers to help us find a picture of the most beautiful cupcake. Submit links in the comment section or send us an email. Just be sure to include the source of the cupcake (we want to give everyone credit for their hard work). At the end of September we will open up voting for the top submissions. So come on cupcake fans, lets see what we can find 🙂

New Pictures!

Delicious Days – Rice Pudding Popsicle with Raspberries

They are by far the most substantial frozen treat on a stick I ever had, the rice grains add a wonderful chewy aspect to these popsicles and the addition of fruit makes this dessert completely versatile. I adapted the recipe to my own liking and used up some raspberries waiting patiently in our fridge – the combination of raspberries and coconut milk had proven to be a winner before. (Read more…)

Cafe Terra – Fabulous Baking Tips!

Here are some more baking tips! I don’t think you can ever know everything about baking, not matter how much time you spend in the kitchen there is always more to learn. This week we are looking at Cafe Terra, but it is a guest blogger (Nelly is a pastry chef) that brings us some fabulous tips:

Today I’m happy to be guest posting for my darling friend Terra and we thought it’d be a good idea for me to share some general baking tips on this post. These are in no way a definite way to do things, but instead they are my experiences and have worked for me. I learned some of them at culinary school, and others were trial and error (Read more).

Do you have a helpful baking tip to share?

Dottie Dee – Introducing the Pumpkin Spice

New Flavour!

Announcing our newest addition to confectionery goodness… Pumpkin Spice!

For a while now we’ve been trying to think of healthy options and variations to help make our treats more available to the masses. This is our first attempt and I think they rocked right from the git-go.

First off we started with an Angel Food cake base. A nice light and calorie/fat conscious cake that even I can enjoy. Adding in a healthy dose of pureed pumpkin and some other fall inspired spices made a flavourful cake base. For the icing we opted to not using icing but Whipped Cream. Now… I know that you’re thinking… WHIPPED CREAM AIN’T CALORICALLY FRIENDLY! But compared to the standard butter cream icing it’s significantly less. But, it’s not a sweet whipped cream, not at all, in fact its been infused with ginger! So we have lower fat angel food cake base with spices like cinnamon (which is thermogenic), pumpkin which is packed full of goodness and whipped cream with ginger (which is also thermogenic) all packed into our delicious Pumpkin Spice cupcake! Go on, give it a try!

Pictures to follow shortly…

Most Beautiful Cupcake?

I have started a search for the most beautiful/skillfully made cupcake I can find. While I realize this is a purely subjective topic and I don’t expect that we would all be able to agree on one cupcake together, I would love to hear your opinions and see what cupcakes you think are the most beautiful and skillfully done.

My favorite is always changing as new cupcakes are created, but at this time I have to say that this flower pot cupcake by mrsmudrash (a user at Cake Central) is my favorite. It is just so beautiful, I don’t want to ruin it, but at the same time it looks and sounds so yummy I cannot wait to bite in.

This cake was inspired by the amazing Cupcake Envy cake designers. I LOVE their mini cakes and especially their flower pots. This was my first flower pot and first time ever making flowers! I did the ribbon roses because it was quicker! 🙂 I used brownies and choco ganache for the cake, then domed the top with cream cheese buttercream in order to have a base for the flowers to stick. The outside is modeling chocolate.

Beaux Mondes – Papa Leo’s Review

We have mentioned before that we are located in Hamilton, Ontario, but specifically we are on “the mountain”. Our family is not only born and raised here on the mountain, but this is also where we work and play, our heart is up here on the mountain. And even that can be more specific, our heart lies with Concession St. Concession St is where we hope to open a store front one day, and (at one time or another) almost every single person in our family has worked in a business on Concession St. So awhile back when a new restaurant opened up on Concession we knew we had to try it.

Papa Leo’s is located on Concession St by the hospital, it is a very cute breakfast bistro that uses local ingredients to make some of the most unique meals I have ever had the pleasure of tasting. Recently Beaux Mondes reviewed Papa Leo’s and it turns out they love it as much as we do!

Following the first visit Adam and I made to the restaurant, it quickly became one of our favourite breakfast spots in the city. Owner Leo’s reason for choosing the spot was simple, it’s in the neighbourhood he calls home. (Read more)

They tried the french toast (cinnamon and nutmeg battered french loaf garnished with honey yogurt and fresh fruit), my personal favorite is the breakfast sandwich (two fried eggs, choice of bacon, back bacon or sweet chorizo sausage with lettuce, tomato, and cheddar cheese. Served with fresh cut pan fried potatoes) but my husband always gets the Heuvos Rancheros (fresh corn flour tortilla, refried beans, and two sunny side eggs, topped with chorizo, avocado, fresh mango salsa and cilantro). However, Leo often does a “today only” creation, something new and special, I would ALWAYS recommend getting whatever it is, I do and it has never failed to blow my tastebuds.