Dottie Dee – Introducing the Fang Banger Cupcake

Ahem- Ahem- AHEM! Attention please!


Fang Banger Cupcake

Fang Banger Cupcake

Gramma Dot’s is pleased to announce the arrival of our newest tasty treat. The much talked about Fang Banger Cupcake is finally here. The inspiration was the HBO series Trueblood which is based on a series of books by Charlene Harris. I’m a fan of most books that have a bit of paranormal in them. I’ve even written a few but when this series premiered my Sundays were never the same. Now I’m hoping to not insult people but I really love Eric over Bill Compton. He’s yummy and while watching a recent episode where the character Jessica was at Fangtasia looking to eat a ‘Fang Banger’ I knew that was something I had to try myself. Since I am mostly rooted in the real world, lack real fangs and know that the Vampire diet would make me very sick I decided to mix up something as close as possible. Thus… the Fang Banger! Our moist chocolatey Red Velvet cupcake topped with fresh Bing Cherry Icing and for added authenticity a sweet cherry drizzle. Basically it is a Chocolate Cherry cupcake. Thankfully 90% of the red colouring is natural it won’t betray your secret or have any lingering effects. For those Vampire fans out there it would be a great addition to any Trueblood Season 4 Finale party you may be having. Also it would work well with any Halloween Party or even a Twilight Release Party! Heck, we might even have a Twilight Cupcake up our sleeves. But it won’t be Team Edward or Team Jacob… I’m all about Jasper afterall.


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