Sweetapolita – Fondant Asparagus

Sometimes when searching the Internet for ideas and inspiration I find something that is just mind blowing. Rosie over at Sweetapolita did an incredible cake that just blew me away. This Asparagus Cake is unbelievable. The commitment needed to see this project through to completion is enough to make this cake a highlight of a party. Each Asparagus spear is hand dyed, rolled, cuts, trimmed, decorated and shaded to garnish the cake. It probably became a full time job! Rosie made it with a delicious dark chocolate 8 layer cake with vanilla cream filling but I’ve also seen it done with a multi-layer carrot cake. Since it’s far outside the realm of something I would do for cupcakes I thought I’d share it with you. Check it out!


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  1. That is amazing! I couldn’t imagine being able to do something like that!

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