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A few days ago I decided I needed to have a little treat that reminded me of summer camp when I was a little girl. Sitting around the camp fire with hot dogs on an open fire, singing camp songs and most importantly mastering the delicate art of roasting the perfect S’mores marshmallow.

Now, I will admit to cheating this time. Everything was done in the microwave but I’ve also made S’mores on a BBQ. If you still want that toasty roasty smokey flavour without the fire department knocking on your door for having open flames within city limits the BBQ works great. Just make sure you put them on the top rack and watch them super carefully. But when I saw this recipe from Bakingdom it was quickly added to my list of “MUST TRY THIS ASAP!” Since it’s so intriguing I thought I’d share it even though it doesn’t fall under the ‘cupcake’ catagory. I hope you enjoy it!

There’s not much camping to be had where I live now. I miss it so much. I’ve always loved camping, and I can’t wait to go again once we’re back in the states. In the meantime, though, I’ve come up with a new campfire-y treat, no campfire required. (Read more…)


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