Vanilla Garlic – His Favorite Cherry-Rhubarb Jam

Garrett McCord of Vanilla Garlic shares the recipe to his “personal religion” Cherry-Rhubarb Jam:

Even more so, the kitchen defines what faith is. In the kitchen there is only so much you can control. At times, you simply have to have faith that your oven won’t run too hot or that the fruit you picked up won’t be too bitter. Jam requires skill, yes, but it requires faith and knowledge of your ingredients. Coax your jam all you want, but any seasoned jammer will tell you the same thing: the fruit will do as it sees fit. You simply have to accept the outcome and make the best of it…Jam teaches you a lot of these lessons that we learn hovering above a pot with a wooden spoon in hand. And, so, I think God, in a way, is in the food we cook. (Read more…)

Personally it is raspberry jam all the way, but what is your favorite jam? Do you make it yourself, receive it from someone that does, or buy it from the store?


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